Part strategy game, part word game, Word Domination is a completely unique experience that lets all kinds of players excel. Some players enjoy the freedom to use any letter on the board, allowing their inner word ninja to come out and spell ridiculously long words. Others prefer a more strategic route, carefully selecting which letters to use to control the board and mess with their opponents.

Will you expand your holdings by spelling long words? Will you strategically block your opponents or steal priceless artifacts, permanently claiming the associated letter for your exclusive use? Will you use the super-mega-evil arsenal letters with their devious powers?

The winner of Word Domination is often not the player with the largest vocabulary, but the player who can most strategically use their vocabulary to come out on top.

  • Take the role of a 1970s-era criminal mastermind, each with their own, unique character ability
  • Every letter represents a priceless artifact or landmark that you can steal – over 100 different artifacts included, each with its own unique art
  • Hard-to-use letters are the super-mega-evil arsenal – things like the Vaporshock Rocket, X-Ray Goggles, or the Zeppelin Lift – each with their own devious power
  • Feel like a genius – even non-word gamers can spell massive words, thanks to the open playing area
  • Completely interactive – unlike many word games, you’ll be messing with your opponents on every turn
  • Strategic gameplay – deciding which letters to use can make all┬áthe difference
  • Co-op gameplay variant included – team up with your friends and pull off the heist of the century
  • Solo variant also included – who needs friends? Conquer the world on all your own
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach – read the rules or watch an overview

The Kickstarter campaign for Word Domination has wrapped up – but you can still pre-order your copy!