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Coming Winter of 2016 – Take the Stars – a strategic microgame for two players.

In the near future, advances in space propulsion have made interplanetary mining not only possible – but profitable. The resulting land grab by wealthy nations has been both swift and reckless, throwing decades-old treaties to the wind. You are the commander of a small space fleet, tasked by your government with laying claim to the most resource-rich planets. Should you encounter a ship sent by a competing nation, your instructions are clear: shoot on sight.

Each player constructs a hand of 5 cards, selecting from a variety of unique strengths and abilities. From that hand, players then decide which cards to keep ready for play, and which to lock in reserve. Whoever plays the highest cards wins the round Рunless there’s a tie. In that case, all previous wins are tossed aside; now the player who draws the highest card from their reserve takes the glory.

This leaves players with a conundrum: do they place their higher cards in reserve, and attempt to instigate a tie? Or do players keep their higher cards in their hand, wagering that their reserve never comes into play? Decide carefully – the fate of the galaxy is resting in your hands.

Take the Stars is a tiny game with huge strategic replayability. and takes between 10 and 15 minutes to play.

Game Features:

  • Deceptively simple gameplay
  • Simultaneous gameplay
  • Symmetrical gameplay
  • Perfection information
  • No random elements, not even turn order
  • Multiple winning conditions
  • Strategic and competitive

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