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Getaway Driver

A tense, 2-player game of big explosions, crazy stunts, and daring escapes.



When super villains vie for control of the world, every move could spell disaster.

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Eye of Newt

Gather your ingredients. Cast your spells. Curse your friends.

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Next Candidate

The hilarious improv game of fantastical job interviewing antics.

About Uproarious

We're Serious About Games
"Every game should be a treat. Kind of like a donut."

Some companies exist to "maximize return", or "dominate their vertical" or "create shareholder value". At Uproarious, we don't even know what those words mean... which is why we just stick to making games.

Whether outwitting your opponent, exploring uncharted realms, or laughing til you're blue in the face, our games create experiences. We engage a player's imagination to make something truly magical - a memory you'll be snickering about for years to come.

Uproarious was launched in early 2016 by the award winning game designer, Jeff Beck, and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We currently have four games in various stages of development and a weekly podcast focused on the indie game design scene.

Other Projects

We're so game-crazy, we even have a podcast!

Your Table’s on Fire!

Our Tabletop Game Podcast
Your Table’s on Fire – a weekly conversation with the hottest game designers on Kickstarter. Each episode we interview a new designer, discussing their gaming history, design process and inspirations. Along the way, we have a few laughs and maybe even learn a thing or two.

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